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Reenas Bais Yaakov is a Bais Yaakov high school emulating the teachings of Sarah Schneirer, ע”ה and tailored to the unique character of the Edison/Highland Park community. Our school inspires a love of תורה and,מצוות implants אמונת חכמים in its students and nurtures a mature יראת שמים and אהבת ה’ such that students have the resilience to negotiate the world in which we live. The school teaches students to understand, appreciate and take pride in the role of the Jewish woman and the primacy of her obligations to her home and family, true to the dictum of שלמה המלך,חכמת נשים בנתה ביתה.


Reenas Bias Yaakov strives for academic excellence and invites critical thinking in all subject areas, creating an atmosphere where the pursuit of knowledge and skills is actively promoted and facilitated. Serious commitment to the study of למודי קודש cultivates חשיבות התורה, spurs personal growth and engenders heightened sensitivity to the richness of our heritage. Academic excellence in secular subjects opens students’ hearts and minds to the grandeur and complexity of Hashem’s world and prepares them to become successful adults.


Reenas Bais Yaakov provides a warm environment in which students are aware that the foremost interest of the staff is the growth and success of each student. A love of ארץ ישראל is fostered, with the recognition that it is both ארצנו הקדושה and ארץ חמדה טובה ורחבה. Reenas Bais Yaakov emphasizes מדות טובות as the yardstick of a true Bas Yisroel and inculcates its students with אהבת הבריות and אהבת ישראל, inspiring a profound sense of unity within the school and the larger community of כלל ישראל.

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